spam assassin and amavis debug mode

Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at
Wed Nov 29 15:08:41 CET 2017

I have an installation with amavisd 2.7.0 + SA 3.4.1 that used to catch little spam when running live, while it did show much more catching when running spamassassin -D against non cacthed mails.
After a lot of debugging, I discovered that the same amavisd when run with the debug option parameter and sa debug on in the conf file, would catch correctly all the non catched spam.
So I had to change the startup script to run it with "debug", send it to background with the "& and redirect to /dev/null to avoid filling the disk with its log.
Since I did this, the system catch almost everything fine.
Any idea why? Actually I would like to avoid this, as I have no more logging visible from amavis.
Thanks for any idea.
Sonicle S.r.l.
Quantum Mechanics :
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