submission, not originating ... for roaming, authenticated users?

Django [BOfH] django at
Mon Nov 20 09:14:32 CET 2017


Am 19.11.2017 um 23:38 schrieb Benny Pedersen:

>> $interface_policy{'10024'} = 'ORIGINATING';
> only that policy ?

nope, I've defined much more, but this one is the policy für my

> port 10024 is imho default non originating port for mails that are
> incomming

The only important thing s, that AMaViS _AND_ postfix uses the same
port. an posfix sends received mails from port 587 to port1002, where
AMaViS is listening.

> make amavisd non verbose logging helps debug real problem

Production verbose level is 3, but there you see nothing about that
problem, so i set it to 5, to see what he is doing.


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