@score_sender_maps not working for some addresses

Hoyer-Reuther, Christian Christian.Hoyer-Reuther at cac-chem.de
Tue Mar 14 10:57:07 CET 2017


I use @score_sender_maps for soft-whitelisting mails from some senders to some recipients (Amavis 2.10.1). Here is an example:

@score_sender_maps = ({
  'recip at domain-b.com' => [{'sender at domain-a.com' => -10.0}],
  'recip at domain-b.com' => [{'amavis-users-bounces+sender=domain-a.com at amavis.org' => -10.0}],

The first one works (AM.WBL=-10 is set), but the second one does not work. Any ideas?



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