Amavisd and Avira savapi

Alex mysqlstudent at
Wed Jun 28 22:55:29 CEST 2017

I'm trying to get the Avira savapi working with amavisd-new-2.11.0 on
fedora25 and having some trouble. I've set it up to communicate with a
local socket and it works properly when using their example binary to
send it a file to be scanned.

This example savapi binary requires a license key be sent along with
the path to the file. The section in the amavisd.conf file for savapi
does not provide that ability:

 ['Avira SAVAPI',
   \&ask_daemon, ["*", 'savapi:/var/tmp/.savapi3', 'product-id'],
   qr/^(200|210)/m,  qr/^(310|420|319)/m,
   qr/^(?:310|420)[,\s]*(?:.* <<< )?(.+?)(?: ; |$)/m ],
# settings for the SAVAPI3.conf: ArchiveScan=1, HeurLevel=2, MailboxScan=1

Does anyone know how either to properly pass the license key info,
read it from a file, or otherwise make this work properly?

# ./savapi --version
Product build:            Linux (x86_64, glibc 2.4)
SAVAPI service version:

Component versions:
 SAVAPI library version:
 Engine version:
 Packlib version:
 VDF version:   
 APC library version:

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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