different spamassassin behaviours

Dino Edwards dino.edwards at mydirectmail.net
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Do you know for a fact that the bayes database is making those scores get higher when you run it in debug? If so, where is your bayes database stored and who is the owner of that path? Do you know for a fact that Amavis calls Spamassassin to scan emails?

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I have some installation of amavis+postfix, where I discovered that some spam is coming in with a very low score, but if I run spamassassin in debug mode on the same emails they get a very high score.

On my installations, amavisd runs under the "snclamav" user, while the smtp-amavis postfix daemons run under the "snclmail" user.
I run the bayes learn using the snclamav user, and also run spamassassin debug mode using the same user, that stores the bayes database in a specific path.

Any idea what may happen in amavisd spawn spamassassin that does not happen in manual debug mode?

Thanks for any help

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