How many antivirus are recommended?

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Wed Jun 21 02:24:13 CEST 2017


On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 10:03 AM, Tom Hendrikx <tom at> wrote:
> On 20-06-17 15:55, Alex wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 8:42 AM, Hugo Manuel Ojendiz Lemus
>> <ojendizhm at> wrote:
>>> I'm sorry to inform that I've abandoned the idea of installing COMODO
>>> antivirus. Mainly because the OS version incompatibility, and heavy use of the
>>> GUI.
>>> I'm still searching for another antivirus
>> That's very disappointing. Avira have confirmed to me via email that
>> they no longer have a Unix product.
>> Still waiting on a response from f-prot.

I also just received a follow-up from f-prot and have their trial
working with amavisd. It's really simple. Now to evaluate how
effective it is above what we already have. I don't think they'd mind
forwarding on their comments regarding how to get started:

"Our Antivirus works with most flavors of Linux. You can see the
system requirements here:

Here are the trial versions (Linux Mail Server is listed):

There is a manual here:

There is a product support library of information here to help guide
You can also email at if you need help on
something specific."

To get it working with amavisd, just uncomment the following section
in your amavisd.conf after installing, or add it if it's not already
there. Restart amavisd.

# ###
# ['F-Prot fpscand',  # F-PROT Antivirus for BSD/Linux/Solaris, version 6
#   \&ask_daemon,
#   ["SCAN FILE {}/*\n", ''],
#   qr/^(0|8|64) /m,
#   qr/^([1235679]|1[01345]) |<[^>:]*(?i)(infected|suspicious|unwanted)/m,
#   qr/(?i)<[^>:]*(?:infected|suspicious|unwanted)[^>:]*: ([^>]*)>/m ],

Select NO when prompted to "add virus scanning to your MTA setup".

> SAVAPI is a great product on linux, and seems to be available. Avira
> used to have a free unix virusscanner somewhat like the (now
> Windows-only) 'Avira Antivirus Server' product.
> Note: I'm a former Avira employee, and integrated this product (SAVAPI)
> in one of Avira's other cloud-based solutions.

Thanks for this. I'm now in communication with them directly regarding
how to work with their SAVAPI product.


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