mysql lookups - messages with score less than 0 are blocked as spam

Alexander Wirt formorer at
Sat Jan 28 09:51:28 CET 2017


> Jozef Matický <cibula at
> <>> wrote:
> >/[-- text/plain, encoding 8bit, charset: utf-8, 47 lines --] />//>/Hello, />//>/I have an amavisd-new (currently 2.8.1) with SA (currently 3.4.0) />/running for couple of years now and the same thing started happening to />/me today. It did work okay just couple of days ago. Not sure what the />/problem is, but it is the same as Dmitriy is describing: />//>/- Amavis is able to connect to MySQL />/- SQL query is working okay and returning correct values from database />/- Amavis is getting most of the results okay -> settings like />/spam_lover, virus_lover etc, however the values for scores are all zero
> (0): />//>/sql: preparing and executing (5 args): SELECT />/*,, AS sa_username FROM />/mail_users,mail_policy WHERE (mail_users.policy_id = AND />/( IN (?,?,?,?,?)) ORDER BY />/Dec 13 13:21:51 hostname amavis[27181]: (27181-01) />/lookup_sql(redacted at redacted.tld
> <>)
> matches, result=(id=>"28", />/user_id=>"1001", domain_id=>"20", policy_id=>"26", name=>"Default", />/description=>"", home=>"/srv/mail", maildir=>"redacted.tld/redacted", />/password=>"hidden", quota=>"0", used=>"0", id=>"28", user_id=>"1001", />/name=>"Default", description=>"", virus_lover=>"N", spam_lover=>"Y", />/banned_files_lover=>"Y", bad_header_lover=>"Y", />/bypass_virus_checks=>"N", bypass_spam_checks=>"N", />/bypass_banned_checks=>"N", bypass_header_checks=>"N", />/spam_tag_level=>"0", spam_tag2_level=>"0", spam_kill_level=>"0", />/message_size_limit=>"0", spam_subject_tag2=>"", id=>"28", />/sa_username=>"redacted at redacted.tld
> <>") />//>/This is with manual query taken from MySQL query log: />/Neznámá tabulka />/id;user_id;domain_id;policy_id;name;description;home;maildir;password;quota;used;id;user_id;name;description;virus_lover;spam_lover;banned_files_lover;bad_header_lover;bypass_virus_checks;bypass_spam_checks;bypass_banned_checks;bypass_header_checks;spam_tag_level;spam_tag2_level;spam_kill_level;message_size_limit;spam_subject_tag2;id;sa_username
> />/28;1001;20;26;redacted at redacted.tld
> <>;;/srv/mail;redacted.tld/redacted;hidden;0;0;26;1001;Default;;N;Y;Y;Y;N;N;N;N;-100;6.2;20;0;;28;redacted
> at redacted.tld
> <> />//>/As stated before, it started today or maybe yesterday. Not sure if I />/reloaded amavisd recently. Last amavisd update was back in August and SA />/in May, however I can't tell if amavisd was reloaded back then. I did />/some Perl library updates as recommended by the packaging system couple />/of days ago, however nothing major. />/Pretty much I had to configure amavisd with SA static scores for now />/since most of the mail went to Spam folder with scores set to 0 instead />/of around 6 (X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=0.863 tagged_above=0 required=0). />//>/Any clues what might be wrong? />//This could be the commit that caused the problem:
I will try to start looking in the problem (I still think it is a bug in
dbd-mysql, dbd-postgresql doesn't have that issue). Can someone with the
problem mail me its amavis configuration? And maybe some instructions for
reproducing the problem? (in private if you think your configuration contains
sensitive information)

Thanks in advance

Alex - Debian amavisd-new maintainer

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