Logging IP address in error logs

Dusan Obradovic dusan at euracks.net
Thu Jan 19 16:23:01 CET 2017

> On Jan 19, 2017, at 11:40, Dino Edwards <dino.edwards at mydirectmail.net> wrote:
> He said that he is not using postfix or any other SMTP servers as first receiver before Amavis so that can't be it, please see below. So, the way he describes it, amavis is listening on port 25 and I'm not sure how this whole thing works without a SMTP service. The original problem he describes wouldn't be a problem if a SMTP server was in front. 

It would work technically speaking, because amavisd service speaks ESMTP.

$inet_socket_port = 25
$forward_method = lmtp_service
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