amavisd-release does not work with SQL quarantine (missing quar_type = "Q")

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Thu Feb 16 07:52:57 CET 2017


We are using amavisd with iRedMail. Banned mails are quarantined in a 
SQL quarantine.

Everytime I tried to release an email with amavisd-release an error 

450 4.5.0 Failure: File /var/lib/amavis/virusmails/BWEgBXUllkJU does not 
exist at (eval 95) line 386, <GEN34> line 5.

Now I realized that in amavisd-release there is no way to change 
$quar_type to "Q", see the line:

   my $quar_type = $fn_suffix eq '.gz' ? 'Z' : $fn_path ne '' ? 'F' : '';

After I changed this line to

   my $quar_type = $fn_suffix eq '.gz' ? 'Z' : $fn_path ne '' ? 'F' : 

mails in SQL-quarantine are released by amavisd-release.

But I don't know if this right for users not using a SQL-quarantine.

Kind regards
Thomas Sattler

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