perl-DBD-MySQL (Fedora 24)

Alan Munday amavis45 at
Sat Dec 30 16:55:15 CET 2017

On 26/11/16 15:17, Alan Munday wrote:
> Found an issue following an update to perl-DBD-MySQL (4.039-1.fc24 
> arrived here 2016-11-24) after which amavisd-new was scanning mail as 
> clean and processing as spam.
> I'm using SQL lookups and found this affected versions 2.11.0-4 and 
> 2.10.1-7 of amavisd-new on my systems.
> Downgrading perl-DBD-MySQL appears to have resolved the problem.

A bit of a repeat but I'm now seeing similar behaviour having upgraded a 
mail server to Fedora 27 (perl-DBD-MySQL-4.043-6)

Currently amavis is passing mail with scores <0 but processing as spam 
for scores > 0 < SPAM_THRESHOLD

Anyone else running amavisd-new on Fedora 27 with SQL back end, and 
running OK?



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