Amavis doesn't mark mail as spam, and doesn't set spam headers

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Mon Dec 4 16:30:53 CET 2017

Indeed, changing those two variables was effective, I now have my mail correctly marked as junk.So maybe this is a debian-specific problem ?
This is how the variables are shipped by debian in conf.d/05-default_id 

root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d # cat 05-domain_id
use strict;
# $mydomain is used just for convenience in the config files and it is not
# used internally by amavisd-new except in the default X_HEADER_LINE (which
# Debian overrides by default anyway).
chomp($mydomain = `head -n 1 /etc/mailname`);
# amavisd-new needs to know which email domains are to be considered local
# to the administrative domain.  Only emails to "local" domains are subject
# to certain functionality, such as the addition of spam tags.
# Default local domains to $mydomain and all subdomains.  Remember to
# override or redefine this if $mydomain is changed later in the config
# sequence.
@local_domains_acl = ( ".$mydomain" );
1;  # ensure a defined return
root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d #   

I don't know how that translates in real strings when /etc/mailname is of the form host.domain.tld ?



    On Friday, December 1, 2017 9:52 PM, Dino Edwards <dino.edwards at> wrote:

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Subject: Re: Amavis doesn't mark mail as spam, and doesn't set spam headers    Hello Alexander,    I don't know how to check for that. Here's 05-domain_id    root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d # removeblanks 05-domain_id
use strict;
chomp($mydomain = `head -n 1 /etc/mailname`);
@local_domains_acl = ( ".$mydomain" );
1;  # ensure a defined return
root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d #    my /etc/mailname contains the hostname of the mail server, which is "messagerie.mydomain.tld", whereas I accept mail for "mydomain.tld" 

Yassine.    On Friday, December 1, 2017 1:20 PM, Alexander Wirt <formorer at> wrote:    On Fri, 01 Dec 2017, chaouche yacine wrote:

> Hello Alxander,
> This log entry seems to show that spam checking was done : 
> Nov 28 16:33:16 messagerie amavis[46130]: (46130-07) Passed SPAMMY {RelayedOpenRelay}, []:53783 [] <bounce-3308-19491836-3512-248 at> -> <a.chaouche at mydomain.tld>, Queue-ID: 738D73A80088, Message-ID: <bf680addabf683575f7cc153be8a9094 at>, mail_id: lBrIu_4QeHCa, Hits: 11.386, size: 46197, queued_as: 6609E3A8008E, 736 ms
> And here is 15-content_filter_mode
> root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d # removeblanks 15-content_filter_mode
> use strict;
> @bypass_virus_checks_maps = (
>    \%bypass_virus_checks, \@bypass_virus_checks_acl, \$bypass_virus_checks_re);
> @bypass_spam_checks_maps = (
>    \%bypass_spam_checks, \@bypass_spam_checks_acl, \$bypass_spam_checks_re);
> 1;  # ensure a defined return
> root at messagerie[] /etc/amavis/conf.d #
> Should they be commented out ? 
no, they are fine that way. 
> Also, both spamd and amavis are running : 
Amavis doesn't use spamd. Is "mydomain.tld" in localdomains?  


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