Open relay from localhost and other questions

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Mon Apr 24 16:40:36 CEST 2017

On 04/22/2017 01:00 AM, Benny Pedersen wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz skrev den 2017-04-21 21:16:
>> Been doing some research.  mynetworks should stop the localhost from
>> seeming like an Open relay.  I don't have this problem on my old
>> production server.  I am researching it.
> check originating policy banks in amavisd, make sure local originated 
> emails is gone into this bank in amavisd, this is important else it 
> would be seen as a relay host and all sorts of fake msgs :=)
> and for xforward in mta as well to help solve it
> i dont use amavisd anymore, so cant help more with it

I have just done more testing, and cannot get this working.  I even 
copied exactly what I have for @mynetworks from my old system, and made 
the change right were the default in amavis.conf is instead of appending 
it to the end.  No change.

@mynetworks = qw( [::1] [FE80::]/10 [FEC0::]/10

And this server is at:

The old system is running: amavisd-new-2.6.4-2.el6
and the new one: amavisd-new-2.10.1-5.el7

Also BOTH .confs define policy_bank as:

$policy_bank{'MYNETS'} = {   # mail originating from @mynetworks
   originating => 1,  # is true in MYNETS by default, but let's make it 
   os_fingerprint_method => undef,  # don't query p0f for internal clients

And no where is MYNETS defined on either system's .conf

?  Puzzled


The old server is at:

and that is not EVEN in @mynetworks!

And the other servers are on and they do not get the 
Open Relay message!

Something else is at work here...

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