Amavisd and Bayes (again...)

Benny Pedersen me at
Fri Nov 25 00:35:54 CET 2016

Marc Stürmer skrev den 2016-11-24 22:18:
> Am 24.11.2016 um 22:04 schrieb Alexander Masidlover:
>> Thanks, I had been wondering about moving to SQL storage as we get a 
>> reasonably large volume of email
>> through; however, I’m a bit concerned about doing all the set-up and 
>> still getting the same result!
> One serious advise: don't. Spamassassin's Bayes storage in SQL is slow
> as swimming through molasses, it's no fun at all.

spamassassin is opensource feel free to make a bayes sql patch that 
optimize sql bayes, i use sql bayes here on ssd drive without any issue

i just hate to see rspamd is more stable now then spamassassin in most 
areas, its sadly true, only point where spamassassin still wins is its 
simple to configure to make what one wants, but its does of the cost of 
missing plugins to cover spam runs as 2016 is now

i like to see more fokus on rbl repution local, and url repution local, 
free software should not help datafeeds to get paided for data

think about it

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