amavis and spamassassin dnsbl

Admin Beckspaced admin at
Wed Nov 2 10:23:22 CET 2016

> needs more info on what you want
> amavisd is not a virusscanner or spamscanner, its just a very good 
> controller
> please join spamassassin maillist and ask about dnsbl there
thanks for your reply Benny,

i know that amavis-new is a controller ...
with amavis conf I can also control the email subject of spamassassin
e.g. $sa_spam_subject_tag = '***SPAM*** ';

so I thought perhaps it might also be possible to control the loading of 
spamassassin modules in amavis
e.g. $sa_skip_uribl_checks = 0 | 1

glad you cleared that up ;)

thanks & all the best

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