Fwd: bayes issue

Richard support at ritech.com.au
Wed Nov 2 04:09:29 CET 2016


Environment : Debian 7.11
When I run this manually :
spamassassin -t -D pyzor 
Content analysis details: (5.0 points, 4.0 required)

pts rule name description
---- ---------------------- 
3.5 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100%
[score: 1.0000]
1.2 URIBL_ABUSE_SURBL Contains an URL listed in the ABUSE SURBL blocklist
[URIs: eyeblush.eu]
0.2 BAYES_999 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99.9 to 100%
[score: 1.0000]
0.0 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message

It shows the BAYES database working, however the mail itself after 
passing through the system for the above email  has an X-SPAM header of 
this :

X-Spam-Status: No, score=1.051 tagged_above=-1000 required=2.4
tests=[BAYES_00=-1.9, HTML_MESSAGE=0.001, URIBL_ABUSE_SURBL=1.25,
URIBL_BLACK=1.7] autolearn=no

Showing a BAYES_00= -1.9.

I don't understand why ? Can somebody please help ?



Best Regards,

Richard Hatherly
Ritech Computing Services
0411 459 507

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