ClamAV via Amavis and logs?

Andy Howell andy at
Sun May 22 19:59:20 CEST 2016

On 05/21/2016 08:40 PM, @lbutlr wrote:
> On May 21, 2016, at 2:32 PM, Patrick Ben Koetter <p at> wrote:
>> clamav has its own independent logging. You can control it in clamd.conf. None
>> of that makes it into amavis.
> It does not appear that any information about specific messages and tests gets logged to the clamd.log file though. All it contains is lines telling me the database status is OK and the occasional message that the signatures were reloaded without error.

I'd like to know the same thing. I just added the sanescurity clamav 
signatures. It drastically cut down on my spam, BUT, with very little 
going to my spam folder, I'm worried I might be missing valid mail.

I tried turning on the logging, but it does not tell me much. I was 
getting several hundred spams a day, now its less than 100.


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