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Tue May 17 03:08:31 CEST 2016

Following the steps in the Perfect Server series, I created an Ubuntu system running amavisd-new (spamassassin installed), postfix, and dovecot. amavisd-new brings a cron job (/etc/cron.d/amavisd-new), which runs /usr/sbin/amavisd-new-cronjob every 3 hours as user 'amavis'. Changing the sa-sync and sa-clean actions to invoke sa-learn with --spam and --ham options (e.g., "--spam /var/vmail/*/*/Maildir/.Junk/*/*", "--ham /var/vmail/*/*/Maildir/cur/*") is simple. However, /var/vmail is vmail:vmail 700.

Should amavisd be operated against /var/vmail? Are the spam and ham options needed for the sa-learn? Assuming the answer to these to questions is yes, what is the best way to integrate:
run amavisd-new-cronjob as vmail instead of amavis?
run amavisd-new-cronjob as root instead of amavis?
figure out how the make /var/vmail vmail:amavis 750 for all adds/changes done via ISPConfig?

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