Question RE Kaspersky 8.0 (klms) socket permission error

Jakob Curdes jc at
Wed Mar 30 21:04:57 CEST 2016

> Good day everyone
> Regarding this problem:
> Is there any news of how to solve it.
Ah yes there is an easy trick;amavisd wants its own user and klms also 
wants its own user. But with the two separate accounts you will not get 
the systems to play nicely with  each other.
On the other hand, as I wrote in that entry, it does not work to run 
klms as the user amavisd. I never figured out why.
BUT - if you install amavisd with the user amavisd and then klms with 
the user kluser (and with the respective group) then you can do the 

- manually edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group to set the numerical user ID 
of the kluser to be the same as the amavisd user; do the same for the 
klusers group.
After doing this, reboot the system and start the services as usual. 
With this "manipulation" I got all my KAV installations to work well 
with amavisd.

Hope this helps,

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