ANNOUNCE: amavisd-new-2.11.0-rc1 release candidate is available

Thomas Jarosch thomas.jarosch at
Mon Mar 21 09:08:24 CET 2016

Hi Mark,

On Friday, 18. March 2016 01:38:59 Mark Martinec wrote:
> - updated a default $map_full_type_to_short_type_re to recognize
>    a Microsoft Word document as type doc; thanks to Jörg Backschues;

thanks for the new release candidate!

In the previous amavisd version, all Office files types
were mapped to 'doc' since file(1) reported just "Office document".

Office 2007+ documents get properly distinguished by file(1).

We could either do this (I run that locally):

     [qr/^Microsoft Office Document\b/i  => 'doc'],  # OLE2: doc, ppt, xls, ...
+    [qr/^Microsoft (Word|Excel|PowerPoint)\b/i  => 'doc'],  # Office 2007+: docx, docm, pptx, xlsx, ...

for the sake of "compatibility"


recognize each file type on it's own to give
the users a better control about the content type.

What do you think?

btw: We've just contributed example Office documents
to the file-tests test suite:

Those files are good samples for toying with this stuff.


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