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>> On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 10:38 PM, C.J. Collier
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>> Sounds like time to fork.

> After discussion with management, I need to make it exceedingly clear
> that this is my personal opinion and that my employer in no way condones
> or approves of this message.  I am very sorry if it sounded as my
> personal feelings on the matter were influenced in any way by my
> employer.  I was following a trend of foolish mistakes such as
> supporting the re-naming of Zebra to SysCOW:

Thanks for the clarification. ;)

> I'm still interested in seeing development happen in a more
> collaborative, open & transparent, iterative way.

Yes, I think this is what needs to happen.

> And I retract my vote of Aye.


What bothers me the most atm is the completely and utter silence on the 
matter from Mark.  Is there an issue with moving to a repository that's 
accessible to everyone?  I.e., does the Institut "Jožef Stefan" have a 
policy against being transparent? etc.



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