regex to block emails while having word bounce before @ sign.

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Fri Mar 11 20:15:39 CET 2016

I think below regex matches everything up to @ sign.


it does NOT check anything after @ sign. This is WHAT I NEED

something like these. 

noreply at
noreply at

Be exceptionally careful of ".*" [It very, *very* often matches more things than you expected it to.]

I can't think of a specific example of a line that would cause an issue, but your regex, will match something like this too. [Essentially anything with "bounce" with anything in-between, followed by an "@" later in the same line.

blah blah blah jimbo at freddy at blah blah blah @ blah [In this case, it will match on the second "@", not the first - as an example of how .* works.]


blah blah blah jimbo at freddy-bounce at blah blah blah


blah blah blah jimbo at freddy at bounce blah blah blah @ blah

Any new regex, I'd monitor it carefully for some time to be sure it does what you expected it to do, especially if it has a .* in it.

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