Whitelisting by IP address

Tom Johnson tj at terramar.net
Wed Mar 9 20:27:37 CET 2016

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear - adding to trusted_networks is not an option.  Different users have different needs.  One person might want x.x.x.x whitelisted, but another may not.  

I'm currently using the sa_userconf feature in amavisd to do this, but it really hurts performance.  From the amavisd-new release notes:

> Each time that currently loaded configuration needs to be replaced by another or restored to a systemwide default, an initial SpamAssassin configuration is restored through SpamAssassin's copy_config() method. Note that saving an original SpamAssassin configuration, loading a user configuration, and restoring to the original configuration does not come cheap: it can take 200 ms for a load and restore, and 370 ms for the initial saving of the configuration (saving is only done once per child process, and only if needed). Saved configuration can occupy additional 2 MB of virtual memory, so use the feature sparingly. No penalty occurs until a child process does its first loading of a user configuration, so rarely activated or inactive policy banks or per-recipient setting using this feature do not cause any additional processing or occupy additional memory.

I'm trying to avoid this performance hit.  

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