Kaspersky AV

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Thu Mar 3 05:36:43 CET 2016


I use Kaspersky for Linux (and FreeBSD) on my amavis server (FreeBSD
10.2) but I have an issue.

When I define:

@keep_decoded_original_maps = (new_RE(
  qr'^MAIL$',   # retain full original message for virus checking

The mail is being checked twice and trigger the anti-virus twice.

If I comment out qr'^MAIL Kaspersky is being called only once.

My guess is that despite the fact Kaspersky detects the infection the
first time, it is not being reporter to Amavis, so it is being

Is there a configuration that I can set to have Amavis log the details
about calling the anti-virus, on what (parts, full mail) and what are
the results?

Thanks in advance,



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