dspam training not working?

Jakob Curdes jc at info-systems.de
Thu Jan 7 16:37:38 CET 2016

Hi, we use amavisd with great success on our mailservers. I am trying to 
get DSPAM working (via Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg) ; the mails are 
classified and I see the headers in the mail.
However, all mails seem to be classified as Innocent and even blocked 
spam is not submitted for autolearning. Is amavisd not capable of 
training dspam any more or did I overlook something?

I have the configuration

@spam_scanners = (
  ['DSPAM', 'Amavis::SpamControl::ExtProg', $dspam,
    [ qw(--stdout --classify --deliver=innocent,spam
         --mode=toe --feature noise
         --user), $daemon_user ],
    mail_body_size_limit => 65000, score_factor => 0.1,
  ['SpamAssassin', 'Amavis::SpamControl::SpamAssassin' ],

I just wonder whether the "TOE" mode is the correct choice -  from the 
description I would have guessed that TUM or TEFT is right for the 
amavisd case.

Is anbody else using DSPAM with a current amavisd?

Jakob Curdes

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