virusalert emails

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Fri Feb 19 14:30:21 CET 2016

I have a email sitting in my mailq directed at a local user virusalert@$mydomain which appears to have been caught by amavis/clamav.

While I am, of course, happy that this email was not delivered to the intended mailbox, I also don’t want it cluttering up my mailq, and while I find it unlikely, I suppose it is possible that something might be caught that is not a virus, so I should probably be able to recover the emails in the exceedingly unlikely case of a false positive.

So, what should i have setup on my system for this?

A local alias? A quarantine that is somehow available to the intended recipient? Forward all these alerts to the admin user where they can collect dust on the off chance someone needs to check on them?

And what do I do with the copies of all the spam and badh virus mails that are collecting in /var/virusalert?

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