amavis av_scan randomly skips av_scanners

Martin Thomas Swaton list at
Wed Feb 17 15:49:18 CET 2016

hi everybody,

I could solve the issue, it was a directory check in the used perl 
scanner scripts. The author did check the amavis directory against a 
wrong regular expression.
I removed the unnecessary checks and everything works.


Am 16.02.2016 um 18:36 schrieb Martin Thomas Swaton:
> Hi together,
> I am facing a strange behaviour and am searching for a solution.
> I have configured four av_scanners:
> 1 a small pl script that searches for some headers in the mailfiles
> 2 another pl script that searches for vba code.
> 3 sophos savscan
> 4 clamd
> All work well and give clean/infected state back.
> But sometimes (maybe when there are more messages at the same time) 
> amavis just skips some of the scanners without any note.
> In the logfile at level 5 I only see which scanners are used (run) but 
> no note about the others!
> What I do see, that the first two seem to be skipped and the other two 
> - maybe not.
> Sophos and clamd also are in the backup list so this may be, why they 
> are not skipped? But would that give a note, if the backup list is used?
> Any ideas what is happening here?
> thanks,
> martin

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