Mail from own host is recognized as spam

Catscrash catscrash at
Tue Feb 16 11:39:16 CET 2016

Am 16.02.2016 um 11:01 schrieb @lbutlr:
> On Feb 15, 2016, at 7:51 AM, Catscrash <catscrash at> wrote:
>> I have a problem with mail being marked as SPAM, although being
>> transmitted between virtual domains on the same hosts.
> Why are you sending mail between local domains to amavis?

ok, sure. Good Point. I added my own Domains to the whitelist, so as
long as no one starts faking them I'm good. Although if one has a really
large infrastructe, one might not trust every virtual domain on the host
and might want to have amavis check the mails anyway... so I still would
like to know why this happened...

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