Trying to whitelist/blacklist sender domain - 3rd attempt

Dino Edwards dino.edwards at
Sun Feb 14 13:09:37 CET 2016

This is my 3rd attempt to get an answer on this issue. I would appreciate some help on this.

I'm trying to whitelist/blacklist either a sender email address or a sender domain to an internal domain. So if I understand this correctly, I would get the ID of the sender from the mailaddr table. So for example if I wanted to blacklist, in my mailddr table, the id for is 410. Then I would get the ID of my internal domain from the users table so for example in my users table is 460, I would put the wblist entry as follows:

rid           sid          wb

460         410         B

This does not seem to be working. However, if I whitelist/blacklist a sender domain to a specific recipient email address it works as well as whitelist/blacklist a sender email address to a recipient email address.

Here's my wblist query from 50-users file:

$sql_select_white_black_list =

  'SELECT wb FROM wblist,mailaddr,users'

  . ' WHERE ('

  . ' AND ('

  . ' AND ('

  . ' AND ( IN (%k))';

Any idea what's going on here?

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