Running amavisd-new on MX hosts?

Rich Wales richw at
Wed Feb 10 17:51:36 CET 2016

> i would not do this.  to some extent, one might argue that it
> depends on what exactly happens to the mail after it's processed
> by amavis, but it's unlikely to benefit you much to now have two
> instances of amavis to curate, two additional places in which
> mail may accumulate, two more services on hosts with more direct
> internet exposure, etc, etc.  what actual problem would moving
> your content filter service to your mx service hosts solve?  for
> me, the answer is none.

My assumption is that if I were to run SpamAssassin and amavisd-new on
my MX hosts -- which, BTW, are cloud servers -- this would keep junk (or
suspected junk) from tying up network bandwidth on my main system.

> i would also encourage you to consider not quarantining spam.
> instead, mark it as appropriate, and then deliver it to a junk
> mailbox using something like sieve.

Please explain further.  I understand that different people disagree on
whether spam should be quarantined, or delivered after being flagged.
What are your reasons for opposing the quarantine approach?  What do
other list participants think about this?

Rich Wales
richw at

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