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Michael H michael at
Tue Feb 9 15:55:00 CET 2016

On 09/02/16 14:47, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> On Tue, 09 Feb 2016, Michael H wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm having trouble connecting to the mysql database for amavis, I've got
>> a lot of quarantined mail that I would like to clean up.
>> What is the default username / password / database name for amavis? I
>> didn't set any username or password when I did the installation.
> Amavis does not use a datbase by default. You probably have some third party
> product based on amavis.
> Alex
Hi Alex,

I'm using

Installed Packages
Name        : amavisd-new
Arch        : noarch
Version     : 2.10.1
Release     : 5.el7
Size        : 3.1 M
Repo        : installed
>From repo   : epel
Summary     : Email filter with virus scanner and spamassassin support
URL         :
Licence     : GPLv2+ and BSD and GFDL
Description : amavisd-new is a high-performance and reliable interface
between mailer
            : (MTA) and one or more content checkers: virus scanners, and/or
            : Mail::SpamAssassin Perl module. It is written in Perl,
assuring high
            : reliability, portability and maintainability. It talks to
            : or LMTP, or by using helper programs. No timing gaps exist
in the design
            : which could cause a mail loss.

from CentOS 7.1.

I followed this serverworld guide for initial setup;

If there is no database backend am I safe to just remove the files from
my quarantine directory?
6.3.2 Maintenance

gives me the impression I have more to clean up than just files?

thanks for the fast response Alex,


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