Dkim signing setup

John john at
Thu Feb 4 14:59:57 CET 2016

I run postfix as my MTA and I want to use amavis to dkim sign all outgoing 
All of the "local" user must use submission (587) to send mail. Port 25 is 
only to be used for communication between MTAs.

All of our user are road warriors so there are very few, if any, users 
attached to what could be described as "my networks".

My idea is to define to ports in amavis 10024 for foreign mail and 10026 
for domestic.
My networks would be defined as ::1 which I think should allow 
email originating on the server to be delivered.
10024 would behave as before.
10026 would be pointed at a policy bank designed to handle "local" mail 
including the DKIM signing.
There is an existing policy bank "ORIGINATING" - could I use this or is 
this already used else where?
If I have to create a seperate policy bank what are the recommended settings?

John A

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