Training Amavis

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Mon Feb 1 05:49:51 CET 2016

> On Jan 31, 2016, at 23.07, @lbutlr <kremels at> wrote:
> I get daily mails from wordpress verifying backups and these are all tagged as spam (at a very high score in the 7-13 range).
> How do I train amavis? Do i just run  normal sa-learn as root? As the user? as the scan user?

you don't train amavis.  you train spamassassin.  they are two different pieces of software, which work well together.  while training spamassassin is good to do regardless of if you are having a problem or not, blindly training it to solve a specific problem is not a sensible approach.  instead, look at the *actual* scoring the message was given [X-Spam-Status header], and see which rule[s] are the ones which significantly contributed to the score.  then you can determine the right way to solve the problem.  i'd recommend setting $sa_tag_level_deflt = undef; so that this detail will always be present.


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