Replacing SA preferences switch with a custom hook

Tom Johnson tj at
Fri Dec 2 00:54:09 CET 2016

We're using sa_userpref for a few customers, but the time penalty that's incurred doing a save of current preferences and a load of the new ones is starting to hurt.

We've found we're using only a few of the possible settings that can be used here, and are considering moving these off into a hook or module instead of doing the full spamassassin config reload:


The last three could be checked before invoking SA, so we could short-circuit that process.  The first two might need to be done after the SA check, so adjustments could be made to the final score.

Has anyone else looked at moving these sorts of small individual features into a custom hook who would like to share what they've done?  Or is there interest from anyone else for this sort of thing? If there is, we'd be happy to share what we come up with.


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