ANNOUNCE: amavisd-new-2.11.0 released

Noel Butler noel.butler at
Sat Apr 30 03:59:23 CEST 2016

On 29/04/2016 20:48, Benedict White wrote:

>> Benedict may not be a dev but who's to say that he hasn't solved this 
>> exact issue himself and is holding the secret that you desire?
> I've been running Amavis for years, including re installing it several 
> times.
> I have seen similar errors. They result ultimately from the file not
> being there.
> Fixes can include just touching the file (touch 
> /path/to/file/filename.db)

clap clap
its what a few people have been CALLING FOR, for a few years, rather 
than suicide, fill up our logs constantly at high speed rate to point of 
100's megs and saying oh we cant find it, it could just as well bloody 
re-create it - again, what we've been calling for, for years! I get 
better responses talking to my rottweiler than seem to do around here 
(and Cc'd to Mark directly incase he as previously admits doesn't read 
the list all the time), as do a lot of people.

amavisd is great code - WHEN it works. Not good to find one of the mail 
boxes quiet in peak times, load balancers dont block or alarms dont go 
off because postfix responds (even to auth, as does pop3/imap) and a 
look on that server finds a queue of 40K+ messages in just a few hours 
sitting there doing S.F.A. so betya you too would be pissed off.

anyway, late last night I installed mailscanner on one of the servers, 
gunna run that for a while before deciding if we move all of the mail 
servers over to it. It used to run very well, we used it when we ran 
senmdmail/qmail vpopmail many many moons ago, just found when we 
upgraded to more modern postfix/dovecot/mysql back in hrmm, '08 I think 
it was, it was simpler to use amavisd given its pretty much designed to 
work with postfix.

If you have the urge to reply to all rather than reply to list, you best
first read

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