False positives "text/plain,.exe"

Tilman Schmidt tschmidt at cardtech.de
Tue Apr 26 13:46:46 CEST 2016

On 26.04.2016 13:38, Olivier Nicole wrote:
> Tilman Schmidt <tschmidt at cardtech.de> writes:
>> That's cute: when I got my copy of that message back from the list
>> processor it was also flagged as containing a text/plain,.exe
>> attachment. So whatever it is that leads Amavis to this conclusion,
>> it survives being included verbatim in the body of another
>> text/plain mail.
> I got it delivered OK. Did you change some configuration of Amavis
> recently? An automatic update of the package?
> Olivier

We recently added quarantining Microsoft Office attachments, but the
misdetection of Python mailing list mails as executable predates that.
No recent updates.

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