How to specify different policies for different unix sockets?

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Oh, i have missed that some how. time to to upgrade :)
Thank you for the help.
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> Hi, i would like to use unix socket instead of inet in amavisd for 
> postfix to
> communicate with it and then secure it by setting appropriate 
> permissions.
> However, i dot not want to disable the default AM.PDP-SOCK policy which 
> is
> required for amavisd-release and maybe other scripts(and 
> amavisd-milter) to work.
> also i might need to have multiple smtp unix sockets in future with 
> different
> set of policy banks applied to them. How can one do so? it's easily 
> possibly
> to do that with inet ports, but what about unix sockets?
> [...]

amavisd-new-2.7.0 release notes, July 1, 2011 :

- a policy bank may now be loaded based on a path name of a Unix socket
  receiving a connection.

  Example use:

    @listen_sockets = (

    $interface_policy{"$helpers_home/amavisd.sock1"} = 'UX-S1';
    $interface_policy{"$helpers_home/amavisd.sock2"} = 'UX-S2';
    $interface_policy{"$helpers_home/amavisd.sock3"} = 'UX-S3';

    $policy_bank{'UX-S1'} = { ... };
    $policy_bank{'UX-S2'} = { ... };
    $policy_bank{'UX-S3'} = { ... };

amavisd-new-2.8.0 release notes:

- load all (both) applicable policy banks when %interface_policy contain
  both a "SOCK" entry and a Unix socket path name; and similarly when it
  contains both the "IPaddress:port" and a "port" entries. Previously
  the "SOCK" policy bank was not loaded when a socket path name entry
  existed in %interface_policy, and similarly a port-only -based policy
  bank was not loaded when a more specific "IPaddress:port" entry 


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