Per policy_bank whitelist_sender configuration

Tod A. Sandman sandmant at
Thu Apr 14 18:09:48 CEST 2016

Version: amavisd-new-2.7.0

I have a policy bank for authenticated mail and use the default policy bank for non-authenticated mail.

In my amavisd.conf file, I currently read a list of whitelisted senders from a file as follows:

  @whitelist_sender_maps = ();
  (push @whitelist_sender_maps, read_hash ("$MYETC/whitelist_sender"))
    if (-f "$MYETC/whitelist_sender");

This has always worked fine.  Now I want to use a separate whitelist file for my Auth policy_bank.  I figure for convenience I can make use of "@whitelist_sender_acl", which I currently do no use, and add one line to my policy_bank to reference it, such as

    $interface_policy{'10026'} = 'AUTH';
    $policy_bank{'AUTH'} = {
      forward_method => 'smtp:[]:10027',
      notify_method  => $forward_method,
      X_HEADER_LINE  => $X_HEADER_LINE . ", auth channel",
  +   whitelist_sender_maps => [ (\@whitelist_sender_acl) ],

  + @whitelist_sender_acl = ();
  + (push @whitelist_sender_acl, read_array ("$MYETC/whitelist_sender_auth"))
  +   if (-f "$MYETC/whitelist_sender_auth");

I see no error messages, but I can't seem to get the contents of the file to take effect.  Does anyone see what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks - Tod Sandman

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