Allow attachment with blocked extension for some senders

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Yes, that's right. For banned-files, sender white-lists are not an option. [I have a script that does handle sender white-lists, and I'm glad to discuss off-list if someone is interested.] 

In our case, white-listing senders is incredibly helpful - but Amavis, I believe, has made a choice not to support sender white-lists for banned files. [We blanket ban nearly all attachments, and then allow a few senders through to certain/specific recipients.]

There are a few work-arounds - but they're cludgy IMO, and won't work with pre-accept in Postfix - which is how we use amavis - so there's no even-cludgy way for us.


DE> Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe there is a
DE> way to add exceptions for senders when it comes to attachments.

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>> Hi,

>> I've added .xls to the list of blocked extensions.

>> Now I need an exception for some specific senders (sender address or
>> mailserver ip - both is possible). How can I realize that?

>> Thanks :-)
>> Jonny

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