SOLUTION for white-listing senders for banned files.

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Mon Sep 14 13:55:13 CEST 2015

>> There's some ability, native to Amavis, to whitelist an IP, from what I understand, but no ability to white-list a sender's email address in Amavis itself.

DE> Doesn't the Amavis wblist MySQL table or the
DE> @whitelist_sender_maps directive provide that very functionality that you say is missing?

While I'm no master Amavis user, the documentation [and my testing] show that @whitelist_sender_maps only applies to spam and NOT banned files. Since we want to allow some banned files through - for example, zip files from certain senders to certain recipients - this was the only way we found to accomplish it. 

[From the Amavis docs, Here: 
"It should be emphasized that whitelisting (and blacklisting) only affects spam checks. It has no influence on other checks such as virus, banned or header checks. Infected mail from whitelisted sender would still be blocked if our policy is to block viruses." ]

So, while I'm more than glad to be shown a way this can be accomplished otherwise, and it's certainly possible I've missed something, I don't believe there's any way to do sender whitelisting for banned files, while also running as a proxy setup. [Important in our case, where we want to 5XX spam mails with scores higher than Y.]

Finally, I'll note that we don't completely pass anything from a white-listed sender. We can allow .zip files, while not allowing .exe's, for example. This is an important feature for us, and would not be possible, even if @whitelist_sender_maps worked the way you think. [Which they don't, so the discussion is mostly moot anyway.]
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