collectd amavis plugin

Benning, Markus ich at
Tue Oct 27 19:41:17 CET 2015

On 2015-10-27 16:55, Zhang Huangbin wrote:
> Could you help update the README file (or add a INSTALL file)? Also,
> how can i use (not install) this tool? does it generate a graph, or a
> analyzation on terminal? what's the content of its output?

It is just a plugin for collectd.
It reads in all counters amavisd writes to the snmp.db file.
Theres also example/test config file in the contrib folder.
If you start collectd with it you can see all available counter:

$ /usr/sbin/collectd -C contrib/collectd.conf -f
[2015-10-27 19:37:35] perl: Initializing Perl interpreter...
[2015-10-27 19:37:35] Initialization complete, entering read-loop.
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs interval=10.000 
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs_inbound 
interval=10.000 1445971055.965:558
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs_internal 
interval=10.000 1445971055.969:6
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs_open_relay 
interval=10.000 1445971055.973:5
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs_originating 
interval=10.000 1445971055.977:34
PUTVAL localhost/amavis-snmp/counter-content_clean_msgs_outbound 
interval=10.000 1445971055.977:34

Thats all information available with the amavisd-snmap agent.

The example configuration uses CSV output of collectd.
See collectd docs how to generate graphs from this data.
collectd has support for RRD, graphit and more.



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