Problem with Postfix -> amavisd-milter ->amavisd-new (altermime), please help!

Klaus Tachtler klaus at
Fri Oct 16 19:41:37 CEST 2015

Hi Andreas,

mhhh... But in the mail header, AMaViS add a header that said

X-Amavis-Modified: Mail body modified (using disclaimer) -

but the insert in the mail body was NOT done.

I'm not a perl programmer, but maybe someone could take a look at the  
right place at perl code, if there is something missing, when a e-mail  
was deleiver by amavisd-milter?

So I will hope, maybe Marc Martinec or an other programmer, can say  
something to that too  :-) ?

> Am 16.10.2015 um 17:28 schrieb Klaus Tachtler:
>> Case 1:   Deliver e-Mail
>>   Postfix --> amavisd-milter --> amavsid-new
>> NO "Disclaimer" was added by amavisd-new (altermime), but inside  
>> the header was a X-Entry for doing that.
>> Case 2:   Deliver e-Mail
>>   Postfix --> smtp_proxy_filter OR conten_filter --> amavsid-new
>> "Disclaimer" WAS ADDED by amavisd-new (altermime).
>> Any idea, why the "Disclaimer" was NOT added on case 2?
> No disclaimer on case 1...
> amavisd-milter would have to replace the complete message body. But  
> that's simply not implemented.

Really, I thought AMaViS call alterMIME to ADD some lines at the end  
of the message body, or I'm wrong, sorry?

> Andreas

Thank you!


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