Fedora 22 breaks amavisd

Stephen Davies sdavies at sdc.com.au
Sun Nov 1 08:18:26 CET 2015

On Friday, I upgraded my server from Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 using fedup.

This resulted in a number of issues; one of which was that amavisd stopped 
working due to a raft of PERL errors.
Apparently the upgrade from PERL 5.18 to 5.20 which came as part of the Fedora 
upgrade causes many/most PERL modules to break.

Initially I tried cpan upgrade but this was only partially successful but the 
error messages suggested installing something - which I did but forgot to 
write down what it was - that got me a bit further.

At this stage there were a number of PERL modules required by amavisd that had 
disappeared so needed reinstalling via cpan.

The installation processes went OK until it came to Net::LibIDN.
This module would not install because it claimed that libidn was not installed.
Libidn was installed but apparently the version was not compatible with so I 
downloaded the latest source and installed it in/usr/local.
This enabled Net::LibIDN to install but there were still a bunch of other 
modules that had disappeared at some earlier stage.
Following the error messages from amavisd startup attempts and installing the 
required modules eventually got amavisd going again.

I have no idea how to simplify this upgrade. Maybe uninstalling PERL and 
amavisd then reinstalling might work but after three days of no spam/virus 
filtering I'm not about to try.


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