BANNED_FILES, Quarantine but send notice to original recipient

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Tue May 19 07:30:39 CEST 2015

>> So, I'd like to quarantine banned files, but rather than notifying the sender [usually a bot, or virus etc - and usually with a forged sender address] I'd like to quarantine the file and send a notice to the original recipient. [The one the message was addressed to when we received it.]

>> I'd also like a quarantine notice to go to the admin email addy, but I can already do that.
>> I can't find a way to send one to the recipient. Is there a way?

>> [While not as important as for banned files, I'd like to do the same for virus quarantines.]
>> (Essentially I'm trying to avoid any possibility that one of our users
>> has/had an inbound message blocked and that the *user* wasn't notified
>> about it.)

ON> What I have implemented is a cron that send a daily summary of the
ON> quarantined messages, so mething like:
ON> You have received email(s) that is suspicious spam and was quarantined.

Would you mind posting the bash/cron/perl/python/etc script you use to accomplish this? No sense in reinventing the wheel again, plus I have no idea where I'd start on this one. 

[Or perhaps sending it to me privately?] 


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