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Fri Mar 20 00:54:33 CET 2015

Hello everybody,


My goal is to bcc all incoming spam so we can check on fp's and handpick
some spam for bayes learning or make/test some rules in SA.


To accomplish that I do:


$policy_bank{'INCOMING'} = {

  originating=> 0,

  final_spam_destiny       => D_PASS,

 always_bcc_by_ccat => {CC_SPAMMY, 'spambox at'},



Debug says:

amavis[19635]: (19635-01) adding recipient - always_bcc: spambox at


But then I got:

amavis[19635]: (19635-01) (!!)TROUBLE in check_mail, but must continue (1):
forwarding FAILED: mail_dispatch: undefined delivery_method at
/opt/mail/amavis/amavisd line 9367


around line 9376:

      if (!$r->recip_done && (!$filter || &$filter($r))) {

       my $proto_sockname = $r->delivery_method;

       defined $proto_sockname

          or die "mail_dispatch: undefined delivery_method";


Whatever I do, $proto_sockname stays undefined.   Everything  works fine
when I remove the always_bcc_by_ccat.


Please advice, did I miss something trivial? 









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