Forwarded mails are not scanned

Benny Pedersen me at
Wed Mar 11 18:07:24 CET 2015

Thomas M Steenholdt skrev den 2015-03-11 17:46:

> When mails are forwarded as an attachment, those attachments are not
> properly scanned by Amavisd-new. I have all sorts of malware and 
> blocked
> files coming in that way.

if its blocked where is the problem then ?

> How to fix?

define the problem with logs ? :)

first step if possible try foxhole signatures in clamav, did that solve 
it ?

you say forwarded, is it forwarded localy or remote forwarded ?

is the malware detected if you ripmime emails that contains it ?

i have more silly questions if it helps :=)

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