Send variables to AV and altermime

Marius Gologan marius.gologan at
Mon Jul 20 15:03:58 CEST 2015



Is it possible to send variables such as $sender and $recipient (I don't
know which are the real ones) to AV and altermime as described below?

AV Example:

@av_scanners = (

  ['MY CONTENT FILTER', '/path/to/myscript', '$sender -- $recipient {}',

  qr/\bFOUND/m ],



Altermime example:
$altermime = '/path/to/myscript $sender -- $recipient';


I don't want to use From: or To: values - these can be forged.

I need to record these values in a databases and recall them later from the
same scripts.


Thank you.


Marius Gologan.


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