After migration spam passed that should be killed.

Alex Regan mysqlstudent at
Sat Feb 28 23:08:03 CET 2015


>> I'm in the process of migrating one of my servers onto new hardware and
>> I think I've missed something in the configuration file.
>> The old server was running Fedora 16 with Amavisd-new 2.6.6 - all from
>> Fedora rpm's. The back-end being SQL.

I'm interested in knowing what specifically you have stored in SQL? The 
users? Bayes?

I'd like to consider doing this for scalability. Do you have any docs 
that shows how to do this reliably?

>> The new server is running Fedora 21 with 2.9.1 (again, all from Fedora
>> rpm's).

I'm using fedora20 and it's also using 2.9.1. I would have thought a 
more recent version like 2.10 would have been used?


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