Banned files in a policy bank

Michael Orlitzky michael at
Wed Feb 11 22:37:34 CET 2015

I've got two MXes now, with the second using amavis on localhost:10026.
I've set up a policy bank:

  $policy_bank{''} = {
    banned_filename_maps => [''],

  $interface_policy{'10026'} = '';

And the associated banned rules:

  %banned_rules = (
    'DEFAULT' => $banned_filename_re,
    '' => new_RE(

The mail goes to the right place, but nothing happens when amavis scans
a message with an exe attachment:

  Feb 11 16:28:50 mx1 amavis[29765]: (29765-01) Passed CLEAN
  {RelayedInbound}, []:36193
  [] <mjo at> -> <mjotest at>,
  Message-ID: <54DBC98B.4020209 at>, mail_id: uxgYbqgxo2cX,
  Hits: -105.031, size: 653323, queued_as: 3kjDcL2HyfzMv0f, 899 ms

Does anyone see what I'm doing wrong? All of the other banned_foo
variables are at their defaults.

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