Prevent amavis from obliterating spam headers

Patrick Ben Koetter p at
Sun Feb 1 12:27:08 CET 2015

* Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah at>:
> Hi,
> Customers who have external scanners running SA prior to hitting
> Zimbra's SA install have found that Amavis will obliterate existing
> SA headers. Additionally, redirecting an email that was previously
> scanned by SA also results in Amavis obliterating the existing SA
> headers.
> Is there a method in which Amavis can be configured to preserve
> existing headers?

Take a look into:

$allowed_added_header_fields{lc($_)} = 1  for qw(
Received DKIM-Signature Authentication-Results VBR-Info
    X-Quarantine-ID X-Amavis-Alert X-Amavis-Hold X-Amavis-Modified
    X-Amavis-PenPals X-Amavis-OS-Fingerprint X-Amavis-PolicyBank
    X-Spam-Status X-Spam-Level X-Spam-Flag X-Spam-Score
    X-Spam-Report X-Spam-Checker-Version X-Spam-Tests
    X-CRM114-Status X-CRM114-CacheID X-CRM114-Notice X-CRM114-Action
    X-DSPAM-Result X-DSPAM-Class X-DSPAM-Signature X-DSPAM-Processed
    X-DSPAM-Confidence X-DSPAM-Probability X-DSPAM-User X-DSPAM-Factors
  $allowed_added_header_fields{lc('X-Spam-Report')} = 0;
  $allowed_added_header_fields{lc('X-Spam-Checker-Version')} = 0;
  # $allowed_added_header_fields{lc(c(lc $X_HEADER_TAG))}=1; #later:read_config

  # even though SpamAssassin does provide the following header fields, we
  # prefer to provide our own version (per-recipient scores, version hiding);
  # our own non-"X-Spam" header fields are always preferred and need not
  # be listed here
  $prefer_our_added_header_fields{lc($_)} = 1  for qw(
    X-Spam-Status X-Spam-Level X-Spam-Flag X-Spam-Score X-Spam-Report
    X-CRM114-Status X-CRM114-CacheID X-DSPAM-Result X-DSPAM-Signature

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