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Wed Dec 30 20:29:57 CET 2015

El 30/12/15 a les 19:53, Robert Moskowitz ha escrit:
> Or mail server OS choice of poison will probably have some good
> information on building a mail server including virus scanning.  I use
> Centos.  I have  Centos6 (really Redsleeve6) running for a year.  I am
> now starting on what it will take to build a Centos7-arm server.
> But each distro has its own way of doing things.  So start there. 
Just every distro does it by some way but you can make it your own way
as they are tuneness in general. I.e.: You can bind it to tcp or unix
socket. Amavis and postfix are so configurable and tuneness.

I use Fedora for my mail with postfix+amavis(+spamassasin+...). You can
start with archlinux guide, gentoo or even fedora wikis. Amavis is
really out-of-the-box, but  postfix RBL check and policies requires more
handmade doing.

If you prefer I can post some examples, but I encourege you to reed the
docs and howtos to start building yourself.

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